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Posted by Vikas on May 22, 2010 at 1:42 AM

Prepared the mind in such a way that, it does not become sad, due to any incident. Suppose, you have lost a costly thing, for which, generally, sadness–mourning–repentance, sorry filling etc. may be arise in the mind. What will you do – if you notice – there is some possibility to get that back, then keeping the mind calm, try your best efforts to get that back. If you find, there is no possibility to getting that back or you to have to pay much more (this ‘pay’ is not only related to money–keeping in mind of all the aspects), then say to yourself– “What was to go has gone, I will not be sad – mourn, repent, fell sorry for that, let it go” – After saying this to own self, divert the mind fromthat subject as if, noting special has happened. With this filling, in the other works will be involved. It is like you beautiful art to divert the mind – to rub off from mind. To learnt this lesson of controlling the mind, to make the mind well educated – you have to take the lesson of our ‘Maha-Atma Vikash’ Education – ‘Maha Manan’ regularly.

            If any how, you get back that costly thing again, then also, don’t be happy. keep in mind, if you be happy on receiving, then not-getting will surely make you sad. More joyfulness–More happiness, may be the cause of more sadness, this should be kept in mind. Then, will the life, become unhappy? – No, not that also. You will receive an extraordinary joy in loosing or receiving, yourself unattached and freefrom illusion, self-controllable – that spiritual joy, pure joy you will attain. This joy is pure joy – Maha Anand! But you should not feel proudly in ableing to do that, then due to this illusive blindness, you may again fall into sadness.


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