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Posted by Vikas on May 22, 2010 at 1:40 AM

When your reaction is good or bad, for any others behaviour – its means, you feel that person, to be one like you, feel similar to you. You are give sufficient importance to him / her and you also expect equal or more importance from him / her. If someone’s happiness touches you, if the happiness is resonant in your mind, feel empathetic, then his sadness –his anti behaviour, will surely create negative reaction, sadness –hardship, anger – dissatisfaction, in your mind. Generally it is not possible that, people behaviour will only have good effect – only be happy – be joyful, will never be sad – will never have negative effect.If you are happy, you have to be sad also. Only a change can be brought to mind, with special programming. That also, not for all persons. If aperson always remains the same at other’s good or bad behaviour, express good feeling, then either s / he is indifferent, minded orprogrammed minded or s / he is of unusual minded person.

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